Magenta Implosion
Made by hand for you

Literally. The products here will be made for you right after we receive the conformation.This print on demand solution takes away the stress of stock and give us the the flexibility to experiment with the most artistic designs.

Exclusive all the way

Because we work on demand, it will be rare to seeĀ  someone wearing the same. With enough inspiration,new designs will be added to our collection. This way It will be an organic collaboration between you and the artist.

Wearable sculptures

The once normal flat surface becomes sculpture like because you choose to wear it. Therefor the front and back are usually different, If someone approaches you from behind it should be different then when facing you. And especially when you take and that suit jacket..


Art that you mount on the wall you choose only one time, and it suppose to fit with your sofa. Wearable art you choose every day you wear it. Choose to fit or make your mood..